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Jareth - Proclamation 1
Well, well...

I'm usually not fond of bringing so many people into my domain at once, but let's see how that goes.

For your information, I am the king of this Labyrinth and my word is law here. That is all you need to know for now.

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Sarah, how pleasant to see you.

[As if he were not somehow behind this.]

Then enjoy it while you are here at least.

That isn't good enough. While I'm here who is going to feed my cats?

Cats can find their own meals.

Yes but they prefer small snacks of interesting things in between.

Then wish to have them here.

[You should be grateful to be saved her bitching because right now she's a little preoccupied with other matters. She's freaking out right now.]

So it's your fault that I'm here. Bring me back home right this instant! I don't have time for your games right now!

Bring me back right now!

You do not give orders in my realm, Ishtar.

[Now she's defensive.]

I don't have time for this! How do you know my name? Who are you?

I am the goblin King Jareth.

You didn't answer my first question. [Leaving off any friendly introduction mumble jumbo intentionally.]

This isn't time for your demands Princess.

[ Look he's agitated as is. ]

[Does she realize who just spoke to her at the moment? Nope, not yet.]

The hell if I'm just going to sit here and take this like a good girl when Duzie--

[And there goes her rage for a slight moment. She finally realized who she was talking to. She began to shake lightly as it got harder to breath. How was that possible? He casted La Gamme! He shouldn't---]


[So many things came to her mind at seeing him alive and well. He shouldn't have been alive, even if she was glad he was there. All of that sadness was pushed by a different emotion. Rage. As mad as his choice made her, she couldn't do anything about it, aside from yelling at him. She tackle-glomped him, holding on to him tightly.]

You idiot! What the hell were you thinking?!

...What are you babbling about this time?

[ He looks mildly interest if not hiding a bit of his concern for her. He's not moving for a moment but he's giving her a knowing look. ]

What happened this time? Did you get into a fight with Darres aga-

[ .... ]

[ Okay, that was really unexpected. What is wrong with you woman? Of course, he doesn't even budge because compared to him you're a silly human girl.

There's a shocked look on his face. ]

Explain to me what you mean by 'what the hell were you thinking?' because clearly we're not on the same page Ishtar.

I don't follow laws set by anyone. You might as well abandon that thought.

This is my realm, not yours. You will find you do not have a choice.

No choice, hmm? Exactly what are you going to back up your threat with?

[ this is Duzell being smug. ]

You will have to see if you ever defy me. This is my world.

Right. I've heard far worse threats.

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